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With this adobe photoshop tutorial you can create a company logo or mascot. It uses simliar vector style techniques to give clean lines. I used adobe photoshop 7. you can probably use older versions as well.


1- Ok, we will try to design our own vector mascot logo. Since i attend Sacramento State University, i will be using the school mascot Hornet as my basis of design. mines will look simliar to Sac's Hornet, but not quite. so to start off, lets design the body of the hornet. click on the PEN tool and draw out a rough lower sketch of the lower body of the hornet.

2- Next we will have to smooth out the curves to the body so it is not so angler, however, it may look nice as angles instead of smooth lines; it is your choice. to smooth out the curves, click on the ADD ANCHOR option in the PEN tool, and make several achors around the body and jsut smooth it. you may need to delete anchor points as well. just experiment a little here before moving on.

3- Ok now, we will add a middle area to the body using the CIRCLE shape tool.

4- next, we will once again use the PEN tool to draw out the head, the wings, and the legs. same technique as before should be used to accomplish this. then once again smooth it out with the PEN ADD/SUBTRACT ANCHOR options.

5- now we are almost done, thats fast huh?! to make the logo stand out more, lets add some bold lines to accent the inside of the hornet. here you can use numerous techiques, liek paint brush, shape tools, or PEN tool. i used all three. this section takes a lot of patience!

6- to finish off this piece, lets add a shadow effects and a stroke effect to let the logo stand out against a white background.

7- You are done, i added a Sac State logo in the background just for kicks. This is how mines turned out (CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE)


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