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Scanline Effects
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This adobe photoshop tutorial is for people using Adobe Photoshop 5.0 or greater. I do not know if the lower versions will work, you can always try it out. I AM USING VERSION 7.0. This photoshop tutorial will help you to create a scanline pattern effect so you can apply it to your web graphics. It gives it a kind of trendy techno feel to it.


1- there are many ways to approach this, by i think this way can be a lil bit easier. start by creating a new layer. FILE > NEW

2- enter "1" for the width, and "2" for the height. make show its in pixels. go to the rite to the "Navigator" and set the resolution to 1600%, maximum. this make the image easier to see as well as work with. it should now look like this.

3- now select the PENCIL tool from the toolbar to the left. choose a color you woudl like to use. imma use reg. black for this particular one for simplicity's sake.

4- now, with the PENCIL tool selected, make the brush size 1. and go to the image and fill in one of the square black so it now look like this. you can leave the bottom part white, or u can erase it to make it transparent. you choice.

5- nnow go to EDIT > DEFINE PATTERN. a diolog will open, and you can name the pattern anything you want. imma just name it 'scanline'

6- you are now done, whenever you want to use it, just go to EDIT > FILL. and select the scanline pattern!

7- play around with it alil, change the opacity, see wat happens. this is how mines turned out!


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