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Tutorial Volume 17: Software Box
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This photoshop tutorial will teach you how to make your very own "software" box. Very easy to follow, only a few steps.


1. Open up adobe photoshop. I use version 7.0. Start with a blank canvas by pressing CRTL+N.


2. using the rectangle shape tool, select your color you want to use and draw out a box like how i've done.

3. press CTRL+T (transform tool), so we can distort and this box to an angle so we can see all three sides of this box. after you select CTRL+T, you should see a resize type outline on your shape, press down the CTRL key, and using your mouse you can drag each corner of the box to the proper angles.

4. repeat steps 2 through 3 another two times to make all 3 sides of our box (top, side, front).

5. to make things easier to see, I will turn the front white, and put some shadows in. to do this, select the layer with the front shape, it should be black, just double click on the palette to the left of the layer, and select your color. now right click on that layer, and select blending options. select both the drop and inner shadow options. use the same or simliar settings i used.

6. now select the other layers (top and side) and use the same DROP SHADOW settings you used early. dont do an inner shadow for these two layers. here is how yours should look like now with everything up to this point.

7. well, you are basically done, just add your text and images. take a look at mines. any questions give me an e-mail. this one is very straight foward.


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