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Tutorial Volume 16: Trendy Futuristic Signature
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create a high tech, futuristic signature in adobe photoshop for use in internet forums and message boards.

Keep in mind this tutorial is only a guide, you are free to express yourself and go off with your own ideas and creativity! Follow the guide to help you get started, but then experiment and show me your signatures when you are done!


1. Open up adobe photoshop. I use version 7.0. Start with a blank canvas 400 by 100 by pressing CRTL+N and entering the respective values.


2. create a new layer, by pressing CRTL+SHIFT+N. on the tool bar on the right, select red and black as your foreground & background.

3. go to filter at the top tool bar and select render>clouds. this will give that new layer you made a redish-black cloud look. look at the screen shots.

4. go to filter > distort > wave and follow my settings in the screen shot.

5. create a new layer, by pressing CRTL+SHIFT+N. use the paint bucket and color this white.


6. go to filter>render>3d transform. a box will appear. select the rectangle shape below the black arrow, and make a series of boxes on your canvas. after you are satisfied, select the button right above the magnifying glass. this will let you rotate the boxes you made thus creating 3d effect. rotate it until you find a good angle. you can use the button next to it that looks like a compass to move the shape around. take a look at my example.

7. on the layers tab on the left side of the screen you see a drop down menu that is set to NORMAL. scroll down to LINEAR BURN. you can move on from here or duplicate this layer a few times and adjust it to how you like it. i duplicated it once and moved it slightly to the left. i created another duplicate, select SOFTLIGHT instead of linear burn, and then use CRTL+T to stretch this layer our across the canvas to lighten and mix things up a bit as well as a few more duplicates of different sizes that you can't really see but makes kind of a small different. look at my example.

8. right now it looks a little messy but we are making progress. now lets begin some trendy shape designs. select the polygon lasso tool in the left tool bar. use this tool to make several different shapes on your canvas. i made an object that look like a lcd screen and two abstract polygon shapes. look at my example and in case you couldnt see it, i numbered it. but the final design wont have the numbers, haha.

9. now for a little trendy lcd screen action. in VERYYY tiny font, i just typed out a bunch of random keys and fitted it within the abtract objects we made earlier.

10. finished it off with some random shapes using the line and shape tool also found on the left tool bar. also added a text that appears in abstract box number 2. You can change the perspective of the text by go to the top tool bar and select edit>free transform or the other transform options.


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