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Tutorial Volume 14: Image Extraction / Wallpaper Creation
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This adobe photoshop tutorial will teach you how to cut out the background of an image, in other words extracting the object of interest. Using this extracted image, we will then create a nice looking desktop wallpaper.


1. open up the image of the BMW i provided of use your own. The image should be shown as a 'background.' double click that layer and a dialog will popup and just press OK, this will turn it into a layer 0.

2. select the eraser tool on your left vertical tool bar. Now on the top horizontal toolbar, select the brush tip and opacity. Look at my example.

3. after erasing your image should look like mines. if you have trouble, take your time. there are several ways to extract an image, and this to me is the easiest for beginners. you may have to transfer create a new layer and paint it white so you can see if there are any extras you need to erase.

4. create a new canvas, press CTRL+N, choose a resolution size you want to use as your desktop wallpaper. i chose 1280x1024. paint this canvas black. also drag the image from the other canvas onto this new one. look at my example.

5. select the rectangle tool, use white, and draw out a rectangle simliar to how i done it. i tried to give it a little style by making it short adn wide and have the image of the bmw offsetted a little. look at my screenshot.

6. give the bmw a drop shadow and outer glow for depth. look at my settings for a guide.

7. duplicate the image of the bmw.

8. this new image you just duplicated use these settings: go to edit>transfer>flip horizontal. this will flip the image around causing a mirror effect.

9. From there use the FREE TRANSFORM option right above the transform option to stretch this image large. as a tip, hold down the shift key while stretching. this will stretch the image in proportion and not make it all distorted.

10. Now just turn down the opacity of the large BMW image. i put it down to 10%. you can put it down as much as you like or not at all.

11. Save it and you are done. here is my finished product with my logo at the bottom right.


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