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Tutorial Volume 13: Medieval Wall Painting
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This adobe photoshop tutorial will teach you how to create an old fashion looking wall painting.


1. open up a nice flat background you want to use for the basis of your graphic. I will use a wall and this crest.

2. drag an image or type in your text that you want to appear on the wall. i am going to do an Oldtime Graffiti, and put a crest onto this wall, reminiscent of the mediveal days.

3. notice how large the crest is compared to the wall in the screen shot? lets make it smaller as well as skew it so it isnt so flat looking and out of place. go to EDIT>TRANSFORM>SKEW. Once you do this, your crest image will have an outline around it with several corner points. click on these corner points and drag it around so it can stretch and what not. adjust it so it matches the flow of the wall

4. to make the crest blend in well with the wall, i set the layer mode to soft light. make sure you select the crest layer, then go to the blending modes and on the drop down menu select SOFT LIGHT. look at the screen shot to get an idea of how it looks after you apply the softlight and also where the softlight option is located at.

5. Now add text. To do this, on the left hand side on that vertical tool bar, select the "T" button (this is the text option). type out what you want next to the crest. After that, follow the same steps you did in the previous steps, BUT this time INSTEAD of using the SKEW transform i am going to use the PERSPECTIVE transform, found in the same area. you will once again see the outline around your text with the corner points for you to transform.

6. for the text, give it a layer mode of OVERLAY simliar to how we gave the crest a layer mode of Soft Light. Notice how the screen shot reflects how overlay will look on the text. You can also see in the screen shot, an idea of where the blending mode is, same place as before

7.Finished. a Nice Wall of Tribute to the Celtic Knights of Old.


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