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This photoshop tutorial will teach you how to make an animation graphic for your email contacts.


1- begin by making a large rectange, and splitting that rectange into thirds. when we add the animation to it, it will fold as if you are folding a letter. the way i did it was to make one large rectange, then a smaller one on top of that, and another one. Here is a screenshot of the retangles as well as it being overlayed.

2- now lets work on the envelope, this part you can just use the Line Tool and draw it out, make it is the same width as the letter we did in the previous steps. make sure you make it so you get the opened envelope and also the tip where it closes. this will all work out in the final animation. make sure to put the envelope and the tip on seperate layers.

3- here is how it should look like. notice the envelope has both the open and close tips on it. dont worry it will work out later. now transfer this to imageready so we can begin the animation phase.

4- first, on your layers, click on the "eyeball" for the layers we do not need. for our first frame we will just show a the full letter and envelope, so click on the eyeball for the frame that contains the "tip" of the envelope. we will use that last.

5- now, you see the small page square page like button on the animation tool bar? if you dont then just find the option to Duplicate the first frame. ok for this second frame, we want the letter to begin its first stage of folding. so go to your layers again and click on the eyeball to make the bottom third to disapear which will make it seem as though it folded upwards.

6- ok, now duplicate the second layer, and once again click on the eyeball to make another third disappear.

7- ok, now we have a folded letter that needs to go into the envelope. to do this, duplicate that third frame and drag the letter from the top to the bottom so its inside of the envelope.

8- now go back to the previous frame, and the letter should still be at the top, and then click on the TWEEN option on the animation tool bar. when the tween dialog opens up, choose how many frames you want it to make, the more frames then hte more smoother the animation will be, BUT the larger the file. This part is up to you, i just put 5. also make sure you choose NEXT FRAME to tween. this will automatically move your letter into the envelope and you dont have to do it yourself.

9- now go to the very last frame, should jsut be an open evelope. now go to the layers and remember that Tip we made go away in the first steps? bring it back by clicking the where the eyeball was. now the envelope is closed but you can see the open tip still. all you got to do is click on the eyeball to make that tip disappear.

10- you are finish, it is up to you if you want more effects. i am going to make the envelope fly off to the right now, just so it looks a little more interactive. do this by go to the very last frame, and duplicating it. after you do that, link all of the layers together and drag it to the other corner of the page or off the page itself. after you do that, go back to the previous frame and press tween again just as you did in the other step.

11- almost done now. just go to the each frame and set the timing so it is not so fast. when you are done, go to FILE>SAVE OPTIMIZED AS.


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