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Tutorial Volume 10: Create Binder Paper
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(keep in mind some of the screenshots are not full because the resolution is to large for my screen and also because they are too obvious that the entire page is not needed. Any questions please email us)

- start off we should make the blue horizontal lines for our paper and then save it as a pattern so we can use it later. open up a 8.5in by 5in white convas.

- select the LINE TOOL and a light blue color. i used #B0B0FF. with the line tool make sure its set on 1px, and jsut draw a straight line across from side to side. make two lines like how i got in the screen shot.

- now go to EDIT, go down to DEFINE PATTERN, and name it whatever you like.

- open a new canvas 8.5in by 10in (typical binder paper dimensions.)

- now make a new layer and call it something like "lines" so we can keep track of it. to make a new layer jsut press shift+ctrl+N and the dialog will come up.

- now on the new layer, LINES, go to the top menu EDIT, go down to FILL, and under the USE drop down menu select PATTERN, and then select the patter we made earlier.

- now your page will kind of look like a sheet of paper. lets drag down the LINES layer so we get a blank on top, just like a piece of binder paper. how far you drag it down is up to you. typical paper is about an inch, but i just eyeballed it.

- next, if you notice on a sheet of binder paper on the left hand margin there is a light red vertical line straight down the page. we will create that now. select the LINE TOOL again and choose a light red/pinkish color. i chose #FFB0B0.

(TIP: to draw a straight line, hold shift then drag the line)

- we are about done. need to add our three holes. to do that, just select the CIRCLE TOOL which is a subtool under the LINE tool we have been using, just press and hold the line tool and the other tools will popout. use this to make your holes then we are finish.

- now you can use this sheet of binder paper to do whatever graphic work you like. Here is an example of what i did with it, as well as a blank one for you to work with.



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