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Signature Design For Beginners
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This photoshop tutorial will teach you how to make your very own trendy signature for use on messageboards, forums, and blogs. It can also be adapted for other uses. use your imagination!


1- Open up PhotoShop

2- Choose FILE > New
Choose 350 for the width and 75 for the height. Next to the numbers choose PIXELS, not INCHES. U will then get a blank rectangle where u can work with.

3- Go over to the toolbar on the left, and go to the color option. Choose WHITE for the foreground, and BLACK for the background.

4- first thing to do is make your background. Go up to the menu, and choose the FILTER option. Scroll down and select STYLIZE, then TILES. A dialog will pop up and enter 7 for the number of tiles, and 1 for the Max Offset. This will give u a nice looking grid style background.

5- Next go over to the rite and find the box that says LAYERS, CHANNELS, and PATHS. Click the LAYERS tab. u will now see that there is a little image in there that says BACKGROUND, and a little thumbnail of the picture u were doing. Double click it. A dialog will open, and press OK; this will make that a layer now. It's now named LAYER 0.

6- Double click it again, and another dialog will pop up. in order to make that grid we just made a little more easier to work with, and also easier on the eyes, when the dialog box open, under STYLES, select BLENDING OPTIONS: DEFAULT. Then go to the rite and there's a scroll bar under GENERAL BLENDING. Scroll it down to around 35, this will make the grid fade, making it lighter. Press ok.

7- Next go back to the menu bar on top and select FILE > NEW.
Again select the same size settings we made earlier, i.e. 350 X 75 pixels.

8- Now that u has 2 of the rectangle boxes, move the tiles from the first box into the second one. To make it a little stylish, just drag it over only half way up. U can now close the first box; we will not be using that anymore.

9A- Ok now, go back over to the left and select the ARROW button all the way on top of the tool bar, next to the dotted square. After that, go over to your image and rite click on the white part of it, not on the tile part, and select BACKGROUND. By doing this u are saying u want to only work with the background LAYER, not the others. After that choose BLACK for the color instead of WHITE. Then go and select the PAINT BUCKET button.

9B- Then go back to your image. And just left click on the white spot, it will then turn black. Giving u a pretty cool background with a grey grid.

10- Ok now on to a little design. Go to the toolbar on the left, and now choose the white RECTANGLE on the second column under the "T". This will give you those boxes u see in people's sigs. Next go back to the color option and instead of black choose ORANGE.

11- next, now that u have the color, and u have the RECTANLGE button selected, go over to your image and make a couple boxes going horizontal. Then go to the opposite side and make a couple going vertical.

12- Finally now the background is done. U can start to add the TEXT. Go to the toolbar and select the button T. this is the TEXT button. Then go back over to your image and type something in, I choose to type DEMO. U can change the sizes of the word and fonts by first highlighting the text u wrote, and going to the top and just select the type size or font u like. Very important, after u done u must go back and click the Arrow button on the tool bar to save those changes. Also u can go to the MENU and choose EDIT> FREE TRANSFORM. This way u can make the font all wide and stretch etc. after u do that u must click on the CHECK MARK at the top.

13- Next go to the rite and click on the layer that says DEMO with a "T" next to it. The same dialog like before will appear. On the first option scroll the bar down to around 19, also click on the DROP SHADOW option and under the OPACITY bring it up to 100%. You can see the changes happen as u do all of this. The shadow will make the word bolder and better looking not as plain.

14- For the final stage of this sig, we add a final layer of TEXT. Again I chose to do DEMO. After this u are done, save it in JPG mode or GIF mode. NOTE* GIF mode will be a little less quality but much smaller in size! Also be away that aznraps limit the sig to 20K. So keep that in mind.

GOOD LUCK AND I WANNA SEE HOW YOURS CAME OUT TO. It should look something like this:


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