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Adobe Photoshop Tutorial #22: Rounded Edges Action Batching

I try to put a lot of words in here and go over every step so it's easy for you to follow. some people only include short descriptions and when they got questions no one can answer. So bear with me if this tutorial seems to wordy. okay, say you got 100 photos, and there is a particular effect you want to do so they are all the same. maybe you want them all to have borders, or all to be a certain color, etc. This is a tedious process if you are doing it one by one; but do not disppair! there is a way. it is called Batching with the help of Actions.

For this tutorial, I have theorectically 100 images that i want to all give rounded edges to so i can use for some kind of image database because the original square ones are just too plain!

Before we begin, it is wise to make sure all of our images are already the same size, if not after this tutorial, things will be messy! if your files are not already the same sizes, you could do this simple. read my other batch resizing tutorial found here. After you get it all resize then continue with this tutorial.

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1. We must first create our action in which we will use it for our batch process in a couple minutes. open up photoshop, open up a new canvas (CTRL+N) and make it the same size as our batch of images.


2. on the top menu, select WINDOWS > ACTIONS

3. on the right windows, you will see the ACTIONS window. click on CREATE NEW ACTION and name it ROUNDED-EDGES.

4. now it is in the "RECORD" mode, which means anything you do will be recorded as a step in the ACTION. So follow closely to create our Rounded Edges Action.

a) select the rectangle marquee on the left vertical tool bar.

b) draw out a box inside of the canvas, do not make it the entire size of the canvas if that makes sense.

c) right click and select the inverse.

d) on the top toolbar select, SELECT > MODIFY > SMOOTH, and on the popup choose a value for your rounded edges. The higher the number the more round it would be.

e) press DELETE

f) we are basically done with this action, but i will take it a step further by adding a one pixel border around it. to do this, go to the top toolbar again and press EDIT, go down to STROKE, and on the popup select 1px with black color and set it for the inside.

g) press the STOP button on the ACTIONS window.

5. ok, we got the action all set. Now for the batching process. close or minimize the canvas we just made. go to the top tool bar, select FILE > AUTOMATE > BATCH

6. a window will popup with some options. just follow along what it ask. the first part is SET and ACTION, just leave it as default, it should be the same as the one we just create a couple steps back. next it asks for SOURCE, select FOLDER. Then choose where it is on your computer, so photoshop knows to batch all of those images with the action we made. On the lower part of that options window, for DESTINATION, select SAVE AND CLOSE and press OK and wait.

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