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Adobe Photoshop Tutorial #21: Conan O'Brien Logo

This tutorial uses adobe photoshop 7.0, but earlier versions should suffice. The tutorial will you learn how to replicate the Conan O'Brien show, which is also the greatest late night show ever! keep in mind you can always go google and find the logo, but this i will teach you how to actually go about making the logo. it can be useful if you want to go on and create your own logos. DISCLAIMER: LOGO AND IMAGES ARE PROPERTY OF NBC UNIVERSAL AND THE LATE NIGHT SHOW WITH CONAN OBRIEN. THIS TUTORIAL IS ONLY A EDUCATIONAL/INSTRUCTIONAL GUIDE.

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1. open up a new document, CTRL+N, choose a good size canvas so it's easier to work with.


2- using the circle shape tool, select a blue-ish color, i chose #44347C. it kind of resembles Conan's logo color. with the circle shape, draw out an oval shape.

3. right click on that layer in the lower right and select the BLENDING OPTIONS

4. a) select STROKE, make the color WHITE, and give it a stroke of 10px.

b) with the blending option window still open, select the drop shadow and a inner shadow. you can view my settings for these blending options in the screen shot.

5. a) duplicate that circle layer by right clicking on the circle layer, then select DUPLICATE.

b) on this second layer, press CTRL+T, and it will place a box around the circle that you can resize. just make it smaller so it fits within the larger circle.

6. a) we need to create the crescent moon now, so select the pen tool on the left vertical tool bar.

b) draw out the shape of a crescent moon. use the pen tool to plot your general points.

c) next select the add anchor tool under the pen tool button.

d) use this and plot more specific points in which you can create smoother curves.

e) right click on this moon layer and give it a drop shadow of your liking. i left it as default.

7. next we need to create the stars, there are two of them. select the pen tool again and just draw out the star shapes, it should not be perfect. choose #C2EDFF as the colors for the stars.

b) drag the stars to the proper locations, and once again give them a drop shadow by going into blending options.

8. we now need to add the text. download this official Conan font CLICK HERE. extract it to your FONT folder, usually in start menu > control panel > FONTS

b) type in the text "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" (late night with is in #ECEC94, and Conan O'Brien is in #C2EDFF)

c) add shadow effects again using blending options to the text, i used default.

9. you are done! check the finished product to the right!

NOTE: The Conan O'Brien logo is property of NBC Universal, no affiliations with conceptvisions.net & conceptvisionz.net.

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