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Adobe Photoshop Tutorial #20: Good-Tutorial Logo

ever go to good-tutorials.com? they are probably the largest database of photoshop tutorials on the internet today. use this tutorial to create the STAR logo they have.

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1. open up a new document, CTRL+N, choose a good size canvas so it's easier to work with.


2. color the background in with hex code #3d5f70, GT's official colors

3. create a new layer, by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+N


4. using the circle marquee tool draw out a circle in the center of the canvas. hold down the SHIFT key while you draw out the circle, itll make it perfectly round.

5. using the paint bucket, color in the circle with #99977, GT's official colors.

6. using the circle marquee again, draw out another circle inside of the one we just created. it might take a couple tries to get it the right size and aligned properly

7. now press the delete key on your keyboard. itll create a center in the circle.

8. we now need to create the famous 5-point star. create a new layer CTRL+SHIFT+N. using the pen tool, star creating the points of the star. be sure to select only to create the path look at the screen captures. i created my star a little bigger but we can resize it afterwards.

9. right click on the star path, and select fill path. color in this layer with GT's official colors # ddddbb.

10. right click on the star again and select DELETE PATH, it'll turn the star into a layer so we can work with it.

11. now let's tilt the star press CTRL+T. and rotate it till you think it looks good.

12. now we gotta make it a little smaller, press CTRL+T again, and hold down the SHIFT key while you resize the star, this will keep the proportions.

13. duplicate this layer, so now we have 2 star layers. the lower star, using the paint bucket, color it the same as the background.

14. now the top star, press CTRL+T, and resize it so its smaller and center inside the entire logo. you are done!

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