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Tutorial Volume 20: Double Border
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A very easy, if not, the easiest trick to getting a double border/stroke on your text without heavy mods. This tutorial could also be applied to images using the same techniques. Basically a 3 step process.


1. open up a blank canvas (CTRL+N) and type out your text phrase. (will work with images as well)

2. Right click on the text layer and select STROKE, give it a color you like and a size you like.

3. now click on OUTER GLOW:
a) set blend mode to NORMAL
b) set opacity to 100%
c) select your color make sure it's a solid color)
d) set SPREAD to 100%
e) set size to how large you want the border to look like.

You can preview it in the screen as you adjust the settings. hit OK and you are done.

Here is the final one of the Text and of an example Image


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