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Tutorial Volume 19: Image in Text
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Have you ever wanted to create words that has images within the actual letterings? this is the more basic and simple and easy way of doing it. Note that this tutorial works best with larger fonts so more of the image can show through. I used an image of the lovely Christina Aguilera and font face ARIAL BLACK.


1. open up the image that you would like to have shown within your text. You should resize it so it's about the same size as the text you are going to be working with.

2. on the tool toolbar, select EDIT then DEFINE PATTERN. name it whatever you like.

3. open up new canvas by pressing CTRL+N and using your text editor located on the vertical tool bar, go ahead and enter your desired phrase.

4. go to the layer box located on the right and right click on that text layer and select BLENDING OPTIONS.

5. go down to PATTERN OVERLAY, and select the pattern we made earlier. from here, you can drag around the image overlay that is showing up on the text phrase to a position you think is best

6. hit OK and you done. You can also include some effects to make it stand out, i changed the background to black.


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