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Adobe Photoshop Tutorial #18: Digital Graffiti

Use this photoshop tutorial to help you use the path and pen tool to create some trendy digital graffiti artwork. this graffiti tutorial is not like the other tutorials where you just follow step by step. this one requires more patience, time, effort, creativity, and a lot of trial and error to get the "right" graffiti look you want. to make things easier, go ahead and follow each of my steps and see if you can get something simliar to my results in the end. then you can use this graffiti tutorial to make your own design.

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1. open up a blank canvas by pressing CTRL+N. Make sure to choose a good size canvas so you got more room to work with.


2. Press P to select the PEN tool then on the top toolbar select the path button.

3. think of what word you want to "tag," I am going to use the the accronym "ADCS," short for "After Destruction, Comes Salvation," a phrase i use to use in my old graphic collections. anyways, moving on. using the pen tool begin by drawing out your path for each letter.


4. you should have a blocky type letter, now to make it smooth and curvy, click on the pen tool button in the left toolbar and bring up some other options. select add anchor point. now by clicking anywhere on the shape you just made, itll create a point, an anchor. you can then drag that anchor around to create curves. you can delete anchors as well by right click and delete anchor point. view the screen shot to see my curvy chaos in action.

5. repeat this step with each letter. it's tricky cuz you cant really get it the same everytime. it changes all the time depending on how you do it so dont be discourage if yours does not look like mines at this point.

6. with your pen tool still selected and your path still active, right click on them and select STROKE PATH and use the default setting. stroke each path so everything is a nice brush stroke, looks pretty neat now huh?

7. now if you create seperate layers for each of your paths, make sure each section is where you want it to be. you can merge them all into one layer if you like, like how i did mines just so its easier to work with. BUT DONT MERGE IT INTO THE BACKGROUND, only merge the layers with the paths on them. on the Layers tab on the right, click on the top layer. then press on your keyboard CTRL+E, and continue until each layer is merged into only 1 plus the background. the screen shot shows a before and after merges.

8. now let's style it up a notch. right click on the layer and select BLENDING OPTIONS. a dialog will appear. we will add a shadow effect, and a stroke effect to make this piece pop! check out my settings.

9. you are done. transfer this graphic onto a wall or onto a sweater or anything you like.

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